DeFi for the real world

Maxos is a venture studio bringing DeFi to real world financial services

From savings accounts to securities, many financial services can be rebuilt on the blockchain.

Maxos is figuring out how.

We target major barriers to DeFi adoption


The global DeFi market does not fit comfortably with local regulations


Customers that are not crypto traders want risk management and guarantees along with their DeFi yields


Existing DeFi protocols are difficult for consumers to use in their daily lives

Maxos is an idea factory for DeFi

Create & validate

We bring together diverse, expert teams to bring DeFi magic to a product category

Build & launch

We GO with rapid prototyping, team building, and launch

Float to tokens

Community engagement and token delivery follows soon after launch

A team with diverse skills

Andy Singleton

Harvard, Programmer in finance,
blockchain, SaaS


Sold to PE


Rolled up to IPO

SNL Financial

Head of Product
Sold for $2.1B



Blockchain Clearing Corp.


Andy Sudbury

MIT, Sloan @MIT, DeFi yield farmer

Csaba Horvath

INSEAD. Saving the world with sustainability and operations

Vojtech Hromek

Deloitte. Solidity programmer; options trader

Sesha Pratap

Harvard. Board and strategy guru

Benjamin Robinot

Emlyon, RBS. RIA for real world investors


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